Q: Why should my child play for Surf Soccer?

A: At Surf Soccer Club, New York we believe the strength of our club comes from our focus at every level on the development of your child’s physical skills, emotional maturity and sportsmanship. We believe that participation in sports as a whole, and soccer specifically, can play an important role in the development of your child into a confident and respectful young man or young woman. If your child is serious about soccer, we can provide them the best coaching and resources to allow them to reach their full potential.


Q: How many training sessions are provided per week?

A: 2-3 training sessions per week in season (Fall/Spring) & 1-2 sessions per week during winter

 Q: Where will practices and games be located?

A: NY Surf Soccer Club plays on fields throughout NY Metro including Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester, including the following locations:

SUNY Farmingdale Greenvale School, Old Brookville  Brentwood State Park
St. Anthony’s High School, S. Huntington Cantiague Park, Hicksville  Mitchell Field Complex
SUNY Stony Brook Seamens Neck School, Seaford  


Q: What caliber coaching will you have?

A: When hiring our coaching staff, NY Surf looks for both accomplished and top certified coaches with playing pedigrees and previous coaching experience. NY Surf’s current coaching staff, has a mixture of active College and full-time youth coaches.


 Q: What are the tuition prices for the 2021-22 Season?

A: As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, NY Surf strives to prove the highest quality youth soccer experience at the most affordable price. Our tuition is set to cover our expenses, and not to make a profit.

Birth Year Age Group Annual Tuition # of In-Season Practices # of Off-Season practices  # of Tournaments
2012-2014 U8-U10 $1500 2 1 N/A
2011 U11 $2195 2 1 2
2010 U12 $2495 3 2 1
2008-2009 U13-U14 $2696 3 2-3 1
2003-2007 U15-U19 $3696 3 2-3 4 college showcases

Q: What is included in the tuition?

  • Fall, Winter and Spring Training
    • For H.S. age teams (U15 and older), training schedules vary to accommodate the school season
  • Fall, Winter and Spring League Registrations
  • Winter indoor training facility fees
  • League Referee Fees
  • Insurance Fees
  • Coaching Fees
  • Tournament Fees- # by age group
  • Goalkeeper Training- Group Training 1x per week
  • Coach Tournament Travel Expenses and per diem coaching fees
  • Team Media and Profile Guides
  • Full-time Coach who conducts all training sessions, league games, outdoor tournaments and indoor events
  • Team Management & Operational Support
  • College Recruiting Assistance

Q: What is excluded from tuition?

A: Excluded from the yearly tuition are:

  • Uniform kit and player tournament travel trip expenses
  • NY Surf competitive futsal programs
  • San Diego Surf Cup attendance

 Q: Does NY Surf Soccer Club fundraise?

A: Yes, as a non-profit 501c3 we leverage fundraising efforts to supplement our scholarship fund and offset operating expenses.

Q: Does NY Surf Soccer Club offer tuition assistance?

A: Yes, NY Surf offers a free installment payment options and scholarships for those who qualify. Please note, late payments will incur a service fee.


 Q: Are tournament registration/trainer fees included in tuition?

A: Yes, based upon the age of the team, selected tournaments are included in the tuition to facilitate appropriate player development and/or college showcase opportunities. However, player travel & player hotel costs are excluded.


 Q: I am interested in playing in college does NY Surf SC have a college program to help me with recruiting?

A: Yes. NY Surf SC has a College Placement and Tournament Director who is an NCAA College Coach. On behalf of our players, they work with Surf Soccer Club’s National College Placement Office. Additionally, NY Surf Soccer club offers individual and team counseling sessions, club-wide college events including ID tournaments and college panels. Surf Soccer Club and their affiliates have a network of NCAA coaches that enable our players to understand how to strengthen their portfolio during the application process.

 Q: What leagues will you play in?

A:  USYS Eastern Regional League, EDP, NYCSL  and National League. Additionally, we participate in State Cup competitions where the level of competition is appropriate for the team. League play is based on membership acceptance.

 Q: Am I allowed to play on ODP, PDP, ID2, or USWNT/USMNT teams as well?

A: Yes. Surf allows participation in skill development programs. However, NY Surf abides by league policies, which prevent dual-carding of players at multiple soccer programs.